Memorial Day 2004

May 31st, 2004|

At times like this, the sacrifices made by soldiers in service to our country is certainly felt more deeply than during times of peace. Protecting […]

Maui 2004

May 30th, 2004|

As we first approached the island of Maui I was reminded of what a lush, luxuriously green paradise we were about to visit. In […]

Maui Bound

May 27th, 2004|

We’re leaving for Maui in the morning, so posting will be sparse for the next few days. I do hope to have some images […]

Honey Buttermilk Bread

May 25th, 2004|

Having extra buttermilk on hand and being in the mood to bake, I quickly found a suitable recipe and got started. The resulting sesame seed […]

Cinnamon Poppy Seed Cake

May 23rd, 2004|

After we received our Penzey’s order we realized we had ordered a bit too much of both cinnamon and poppy seeds. A quick google […]

Pasta al Forno

May 22nd, 2004|

My lovely wife Sheryl made this very scrumptious dish today. The recipe is largely based on Rachael Ray’s recipe with the same name. […]

The Door in the Wall

May 21st, 2004|

Thanks to a recent posting by Accordion Guy, I had the great fortune to read what has quickly become one of my favorite short stories.

The […]

Bento Art

May 19th, 2004|

Power lunching in Japan:

The one shown above is for Moneka, who loves PPG!

There are another 1/2 dozen or so of these imaginative creations available […]

Wyrex Unearthed

May 18th, 2004|

Wyrex, a 65-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex, is being excavated in an undisclosed location in Montana. Unique to this dig is the fact that the entire […]

Back on the Air

May 15th, 2004|

Just a quick note to mention that is back on the air after a brief outage.

Unfortunately, dotster never replied to any of my customer […]