JFK 2004 Acceptance Speech

July 30th, 2004|Categories: Politics|

I realize that in today's political climate one blog entry is unlikely to change anyone's mind, and agreeing to disagree is sometimes the best that

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Is it Mimas or the Death Star

July 29th, 2004|Categories: Science|

The Cassini spacecraft has been returning wonderful photos of Saturn and its rings all summer, but this image of Mimas, one of the moons of

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Monument Rocks

July 23rd, 2004|Categories: Photography, Travel|

Having visited Monument Rocks last year, we were excited when we had the opportunity to swing by this unusual geological formation on the way to

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Approaching Storm

July 21st, 2004|Categories: Photography, Travel|

We recently returned from a fairly long family visit in Kansas. Unlike many of our recent road trips, this one wasn't documented via this journal.

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Cabela’s Catalogs

July 20th, 2004|Categories: General|

A recent entry by ZulyZu reminded me of a fantastic catalog I saw while staying with my brother. Called something like the Cabela's Master Product

Welcome (Back) to the Working Week

July 19th, 2004|Categories: Humor|

Returning to work after a two week absence, I could really use something like this! From Jim via Ross and Chuqui

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