Update: 18 March

Results from Sheryl’s colonoscopy were “clean”, thus putting to rest our fears of the past few days. Thanks to everyone who’s offered their support.

A phone call in the late morning with the news that initial tests look bad in terms of having colon cancer. “More tests ordered, after that I’ll be home.”

An afternoon spent learning everything possible about colon cancer. Diagnosis, prognosis, treatment options, how to cope, the list goes on.

An afternoon spent waiting for the phone to ring. Spent in a daze. Recalling Sheryl’s grandmother having the same problem, back in the 1940s, when treatment was nothing compared to what’s available today.

And then the phone call in the early evening with the news that the 2nd test didn’t reveal any particular problems, and after one more procedure (see below), we can finally rest easy.

Which leads to the real point of this post:


Ask your doctor for details.

If you’ve found this site while searching for information on colon cancer, here are a few links that really helped me come up to speed very quickly. Hopefully you’ll find them of some value.