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Lake Tahoe Refresh

By |April 23rd, 2010|

After 15 days on the road, working and then attending Drupalcon, we’ve come to a nice resting place at the Best Western Timber Cove Lodge at Lake Tahoe.

We had originally booked a normal, non-view room, for one night and expected to be located near the front of the property, facing the highway. When we saw our room, a free upgrade to a lakefront room with a stunning view, we wasted no time in extending our stay another day!

Here’s a photo of our room (HDR, naturally, though in this case the high dynamic range technique was required to open up the room while preserving the view of the lake):

Lake Tahoe view

And here’s a photo of a watercolor painting I created while looking at the lake from our room. Yes, this the 1st public unveiling of one of my watercolor paintings; I was inspired to take up watercolor painting after visiting Paris last year.

Lake Tahoe Watercolor

Don’t forget, you can click on the images to view a larger version (without leaving this page!)

A set of images showing the painting at various stages from a sketch to the final version, and including a reference photo of what I saw, is available at flickr in my Lake Tahoe Watercolor set.

Monument Rocks (Monument Flats?)

By |April 8th, 2010|

We made great time on our way from Lindsborg to Colby, and our GPS showed us a route that went right past Monument Rocks on before reaching Oakley and the final approach to Colby via I-70. Like usual, we started our trip by heading due west on Highway 4. Very nice late afternoon drive!

Unfortunately, I had no sooner stepped out of the car at Monument Rocks when I heard a loud hissing sound. It turned out that one of our tires had sprung a leak! I took a few photos right where we had stopped and then headed out towards the highway.

We soon had the tire changed and arrived only about 1/2 hour later than originally planned. Fingers crossed that we can get the tire repaired quickly in the morning; as it is we’re probably going to lose 2 hours. The good news is I get to sleep an hour later than planned.

Oh well, looking at the big picture, these things happen.

Here’s one of the photos of Monument Rocks I took earlier today. It’s not classic shot with the big arch, but given what was going on I’m lucky to even have this one!

Monument Rocks

Cedar Waxwing

By |April 3rd, 2010|

Cedar Waxwing

I finally got see the long-rumored Cedar Waxwings this weekend. Yesterday evening there were more than a dozen sitting in one of our trees.

This morning I took a few photos, but never could get positioned for any great images. I did like these two enough to share; don’t forget you can click on the image to see a larger version.

Cedar Waxwing