The Rest of My Favorite Photos from 2012

Here are the rest of my favorite photos from the past year. There are comments and links to related photos below most of the entries.

The first set is here: Favorite Photos from 2012.

The full set, featuring much larger versions of most photos, is also available on Flickr: 2012 Best Photos.

faded love
Faded love

Sunset from the Keeper of the Plains in Wichita. More photos: Keeper of the Plains at Sunset.

the Milky Way
My first successful shot of the Milky Way, taken from Coronado Heights. Additional shots: Milky Way.

view from London Tower Bridge including the Shard in HDR
Photo looking southwest from the London Tower Bridge, prominently featuring the new building known as the Shard. More London HDR photos are available: London 2012 HDR.

the Long Water at Kensington Gardens
A subdued HDR image of the Long Water at Kensington Gardens, London. More London HDR photos are available: London 2012 HDR.

Smoky Hill Cemetery
Sunset through the trees at the Smoky Hill Cemetery. HDR processing plus a drop in the color temperature that really brings out the blue in the tree shadows. Related shots in the Fall Color 2012 set.

Sunset Hill
If I were to choose a picture of the year, it would be this one. The view is from Sunset Hill in Kansas City. It’s part of a set I took with my new full-frame DSLR: First Canon 5D Mk II Shots.

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    Very impressive! A beautiful set! Thank you for sharing.

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