Abstract Leaves

I took a photo of the fall leaves carpeting the lawn, but wasn’t really impressed with the result. So sent the image through Fractalius, and rather than apply a more moderate setting of the filter as I usually do, I used one of my favorite abstract settings. I like the result!

You can hover your mouse over the abstract image to see the original version.

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For further fun, here’s a demo of what a slight bit of image processing can do to spiff up an already good photo. You may not agree with all of my aesthetic choices, but I processed this image like I would one of my own. Lightroom “punch”, lowered blacks, spotted out the bugs, raised saturation a little and tweaked contrast a little. Maybe 3-5 minutes work in Lightroom. Sunrise photo by Charlotte Anderson.

Roll your mouse over the image to see the updated version.

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3 thoughts on “Abstract Leaves

  1. I really like your photo effects. I have never heard of Fractalious. I do have a Photoshop Element program that my husband bought for me 2 years ago and have never used it. I went to a camera club where they were supposed to teach me and I never understood any of it (well, to tell the truth English is my 3rd language, but still…)

  2. Thanks! I just noticed I had mispelled Fractalius, so I corrected the post.

    The fractalius filter does work with photshop elements.

    Have fun!

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