News from Smoky Valley Photography!

I’ve set things up so that select posts from my blog, All the Pages, are published on Smoky Valley Photography. To do that I created a new category, Smugmug, and specified the RSS feed for that category as the source for the SVP blog.

Smoky Valley Photography Blog

Kudos to Smugmug for supporting interop via RSS!

I did a bunch of behind the scenes work on this site as well, hence the title of this post. Here’s an overview of the changes I made, as much for my future self as anything.

Oh, before I forget. I added a site logo to this site last week. Actually, I added a new logo to Smoky Valley Photography as well. Here they are (have to get an image into this post somehow!) (The work notes/cobweb cleaning details are below the logos.)

All the Pages logo

Smoky Valley Photography logo

Cobweb Cleaning

Re-enabled cache, which brought Yslowup to 93 from 72.

Reviewed my SEO plugin settings. Now I have hopefully set things so Google will ignore category pages and only index individual pages.

I made a ton of CSS changes to the theme via the built-in CSS editor. This was done mainly to specify fonts.

Most of the work was done via CSS over rides. Unfortunately a few changes had to be made outside of the system. Both the CSS changes and the file system level changes are documented in a README file.

As a result of these changes, most pages now validate as valid HTML 5. The pages that don’t validate make use of the Hover Image plugin, which I like, so I’m leaving them for now.

I also added rel=”nofollow” tags to the “Page N of M” links at the bottom of the home page and all archive pages. I hate the fact that Google will send someone to a Photoblog page, 3 of 37, for some odd combo of words that only appear on the index page, but not on any specific post. No more!