Cool Swedish Tile

Sheryl’s been going through some of her mom’s stuff and hung up this tile in the kitchen. I absconded it with it for a bit so I could take some photos; I saw the fractalius nature of the design even while it was hanging on the wall.

I know it’s Swedish, but the second fractalized version has a bit of an Eastern feel to it I think. Note also that I (mostly) un-fractalized the text at the bottom so it’s legible.

Here* is view of the tile, starting with the front. You can roll your mouse over the image to the the back of the tile.


The morning after I created the first fractalized image I reprocessed the original. I like it even better, so it’s the top image shown below. Roll your mouse over the tile to see the original fractalius version.


*(Until something breaks; my new disclaimer for special effects on this site)

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